Adopt a New Friend

Most cats and a few dogs at the shelter are ready for adoption and looking for loving owners and a place to call home.

When they first arrive in the clinic, most of them have to be spayed/neutered, vaccinated and dewormed. They obviously need a few days to get back on their feet before actually getting adopted, but would-be pet owners can still come by anytime during the clinic’s working hours. We are dedicated to finding good homes for adoptable pets and we strive to promote responsible pet ownership to improve the quality of life for the animals and people in the Langkawi community.

To adopt your own furry friend, contact us now

Meet Mouse!

a. Narele.jpg

Mouse was rescued from Kuah wet market and brought to Lassie as she was sick.  Lassie run a TNR (Trap, neuter, release) programme, so when her rescuer didn't come back to adopt her, I was asked to foster her until she was big enough to sterilize and then release. 

After 2 weeks she weighed around 850gms and I took her back to Lassie for her op.  I cried when I left her there.  five days later I came back to Lassie and asked the manager how Mouse was. "She's distressed and not eating! And hides behind the bathroom door in my quarters".  I rushed to see her, phoned home and my husband agreed to let me bring her back as long as I looked for a home for her.

There are a lot of strays around Langkawi, especially near the marina at Telaga, so it was quite hard to find her a home and I did try, honest.  After a couple of weeks we agreed she should stay with us. So we got ourselves a boat cat.

She has fallen overboard 3 times, once when she was tiny she just appeared in the main cabin dripping wet looking fairly disgruntled. The second time I heard her fall off the cover, rushed outside, couldn't see her.  Paniced until I heard a yowl, the check the back of the boat to find her climbing up the boarding ladder.



The third time, we were in Rebak Marina, we woke up to a loud screech, Rob flung himself outside to find her clinging to the moorning line.  We think she had a fight with a plastic bag and it got the better of her. 

Mouse has lived with us for 5 years now and is very well travelled, she has been to Penang several times and Hong Kong and the Philippines and is now on her way further South and East.