How you can help


How Can I Help

Among all our residents at the LASSie clinic, here are the permanent ones.

Most of them are dogs, as it is especially difficult for them to find new homes in Langkawi. You can choose to sponsor one or several of these well-established mascots in order to grant them some extra-love and attention!

Regular pictorial accounts on their daily life will be sent to you so that no matter how far you are from Langkawi, you will always know how your loved one(s) is doing. Note that this is only a small selection of the animals under our foundation.

Dogs : Brownie / Ginger / Tan Sri / Baby / Furry / Queenie / Floppy / Harriet / Nemo / John / Mummy / Butch / Furball / Moiselle / Wanda / Boy / Olive / Lucy / Ringo Starr / Skippy / Berjaya / Nako / Ayumi / Kecik

Cats : Abu / Blackie / Batman / Dankerpan / Snowy / Three-Legged