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July 10, 2012

Moiselle, Thai Boy and Floppy looking for loving homes

Thai Boy, Floppy and Moiselle share a room and yard at LASSie. They’re all very different but get along great. Their personalities complement each other’s perfectly and they can often be heard playing in their room.

Thai Boy is a tall, lean, athletic male. He loves playing with his roommates and making new friends. He’s active and loves exercise but he’s also very intelligent and easily learns commands. Floppy is the pretty poster boy of their room. He is usually very calm and collected although he does occasionally indulge in a burst of playful energy and fun. More reserved than most dogs, Floppy will give you your space and also appreciate you giving him his sometimes. He’s not a clingy one at all. Moiselle is a more mature lady, the matriarch of the group, respected by her younger roommates. She knows how to tell them when she means business but she also knows when to cut loose and have a good time running around with them.

All would love to have a home and family of their very own. Thai Boy would thrive in a home with lots of space to run around and people to spend time with him. He’s a dog you could get active with. Floppy and Moiselle would fit mellower people while still being as loyal and lovable as any other wonderful dog. Contact us if you’d like to meet any of them. We would love to hear from you.

More pictures of Moiselle, Thai Boy and Floppy…

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