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December 17, 2012

The LASSie mykitty educational game is here

The LASSie mykitty educational children’s computer game is here! Click on the link below to play! This game is targeted at 3-6 year old children, we hope to start their humane education early!

Older children can teach their younger friend’s how to move the computer mouse, how to click on a kitten or object, to look for glowing objects to click on, how to click and drag. In this way we can engage children of all ages. While playing, be sure to tell children why all the items in the game are so important for a healthy and happy kitty and why neutering is an act of kindness.

The link to the game:

LASSie would like to thank Mahani Zubedy for her generosity in getting the game developed and for her devotion to the education of younger generations.

Now, let’s play!

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