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June 29, 2012

New dogs for adoption at LASSie

Gizmo, Baz and Winston are three handsome & healthy dogs now looking for a new home. Do come over or get in touch with LASSie if you can provide them with attention and a loving environment. Their loyal and unconditional love will be your reward !

Gizmo is a feisty character. This spunky little canine loves having his back scratched and snorts with pleasure when he gets what he wants. He’s a protective guy and guards his humans and his possesions with zeal. He likes one on one attention. Due to a previous injury, he is unable to straighten his left front leg and has to hold up his paw all the time. In spite of this, he is very energetic and loves going for walks and playing. More pictures of Gizmo…

Baz is a 10 month old male puppy looking for a loving family. He’s an energetic fun-loving goofball that loves attention and playing with other dogs. He’s intelligent and enjoys a cosy cuddle after playtime. He would love living in a home with a big yard with lots of territory to claim. More pictures of Baz…

Winston was rescued by LASSie volunteer Marja. He’s about 3 months old and had a wound on his neck when he first came to us. He now lives in the LASSie clinic and volunteers are working on getting him socialized and confident. The little tyke is pretty scared right now after his time alone in the big bad world. We hope to find him a home with loving, responsible people who want to have him as a new family member and shower him with love. Contact us if you’d like to foster Winston in a safe environment, adopt him once he’s used to people, or just drop by and help him become a happier dog. More pictures of Winston…

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