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July 18, 2012

More of our Lovelies at LASSie: meet Happy, Jacqui and Kayu!

These three sweet pooches share a large kennel at LASSie. Contact us if you’d like to meet them!

Happy was a family pet for five years but sadly she was abandoned at LASSie when her humans moved off the island. She is a great house dog and would make a terrific companion for someone that wants a mellow dog to enjoy lounging around with. Happy is quiet and calm, preferring slow relaxing strolls to mad laps around the park at breakneck speed. She’s gentle and also likes time to herself.

Jacqui is the more active lady in their kennel but she also walks very well on a leash. She enjoys going at a more brisk pace but patiently waits for Happy if they happen to be walked together by the same person. She’s also not a very clingy dog, enjoying time and space to herself.

Kayu is the only boy with these two ladies. He is a short, light brown pooch with a long body, hence his name Kayu which means ‘stick’ in Bahasa Malaysia. Also of a mellower nature, Kayu walks calmly and steadily on leash. He enjoys attention and cuddles but is also able to just hang out on his own.

These three are perfect for people who don’t have the energy for the exuberance of certain breeds. If peaceful companionship is what you’re after, any of these three cuties would be a great match for you. More pictures of Happy, Jacqui and Kayu…

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