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July 9, 2012

Henry and The Sausages looking for a place to call home

No, Henry and The Sausages is not the name of a new Langkawi-based culinary cartoon. Henry, Nako, Ayumi and Kecik are four cute, healthy doggies now looking for a place to call home. Got some love to spare? Come and meet them! 

The Sausages are three short stout sausagey looking ladies who live with the lean and long-legged Henry. Ayumi, Nako, and Kecik were beloved housepets but their humans had to leave them under the care of LASSie after the owner of the land their home was built on, threatened to shoot them. They still get visits often from the young boy who once called them his own. Ayumi and Kecik are mother and daughter. Nako is Ayumi’s sister (and Kecik’s anutie!). Henry is a rescued stray but he loves attention and tender loving care. He’s very energetic and playful and would do well with a family that has a big yard and time to play with him and work on basic obedience with him. More pictures of Henry and The Sausages…










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