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April 16, 2012

From Sweden with love – The story of Harriet

Recently, Harriet said goodbye to LASSie after two years of brightening the lives of everyone at the shelter. A new chapter of her life has begun : she was adopted by Maja, who lives in Sweden and who fell in love with Harriet during her stay in Bon Ton about a year ago. After a bit of thinking and a few administration formalities later, Harriet was ready to go ! She was to leave Langkawi on Malaysia Airlines to Kuala Lumpur, then change to a Korean Air flight in KLIA, which had to stop in Seoul before reaching Stockholm. For a dog used to her walks around Bon Ton Resort and Temple Tree, this sounded like quite an expedition…

But behind her lovely features and skinny appearance, lies a strong and resilient heart. One late night early April, after almost 20 hours up in the air, she finally came out of her cage to be greeted by Maja. A year had passed and introductions had to be made again, but soon enough Harriet was back to her normal and happy self. As foreign as this new place seemed to her, she just loved the refreshing air and the long walks with Maja. And there was her new friend, Bola, who made everything so much easier for her. Harriet’s new life had just started, and she was just loving it!

Harriet is one of the few lucky dogs and cats from LASSie which have been adopted by people outside of Malaysia. Guests of Bon Ton Resort or Temple Tree sometimes fall in love with one of our furry residents and the bond between them is so strong that they just can’t live apart anymore. That’s what happened to Anne-Michèle & Christophe (France) when they met Kangoo, or with Penny (France) and Lindi, and a few more from Singapore, China or Germany. LASSie can help you arrange veterinary documentation according to your country’s requirements, as well as shipment. So next time you’re in Langkawi and suddenly come across the furry love of your life, just remember: you have the power to make their life even better.

A big THANK YOU to Maja and to all our adopters, in Langkawi, around Malaysia and across the world!

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